Where is the Zygomatic Bone? Why Are Implants Placed There?


We already know that zygomatic implants are the best option for patients whose jaw does not have enough bone to support standard dental implants. But where are these prostheses supported they cannot be placed in the jaw?

If you have heard about zygomatic implants, you have probably wondered, “Where is the zygomatic bone?” These implants have become one of the most popular alternatives to enjoying a beautiful and healthy smile. Learn everything you need to know here.

Where is the zygomatic bone? Also known as cheekbones, zygomatic bones make up the cheek and eye socket, giving structure to the face and allowing jaw movement. They are connected to the temporal, maxillary, spherical, and frontal bones, all part of the skull structure.

Zygomatic Implants: the Solution for Patients With No Maxillary Bone

If we lose one or more teeth in the upper arch, the jaw bone is resorbed, which will cause a loss of height and width of the bone.

Thus, the zygomatic bone provides an excellent base for implants and osseointegration. The long-term success rates of these treatments are very high, which is why they are recommended for patients with this particular problem.

Zygomatic implants go from the upper molars, following the path through the lateral wall of the maxilla until reaching the zygomatic bone.

One of the advantages of this technique is that the success rate is above 96%.

So why have they become more popular than traditional dental implants? Mainly because after the intervention, patients already observe the radical change in their faces, smiles, and self-esteem.

In addition, it is impressive for the patient to have fixed teeth again, with all the comfort, the same day, and, therefore, they leave the office with greater self-confidence. It is a safe technique with a higher success rate than conventional implants.

Now that you know all about the zygomatic bone and why this type of implant is so successful, forget about uncomfortable dentures and get your best smile back instantly at Previa Implant Center.

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