Zirconium and its use in aesthetic dentistry

Zirconium, a resource present in dentistry, has experienced a revolution in the last 10 years due to its impressive properties both aesthetic and functional, in this blog we will tell you about its uses within dental aesthetics and why a dentist in Tijuana would recommend it.

What is zirconium?

Zirconium is a mineral known for its high strength and performance, allowing the manufacture of dental prostheses of exceptional quality in crowns, veneers, and rehabilitations on dental implants.

Why is zirconium used in dentistry?

Zirconium is the star material at PREVIA IMPLANT CENTER, used by dentist in tijuana, for the creation of high esthetic quality dental prostheses. It offers unparalleled esthetic advantages and is completely compatible with the human body, making it a safe anti-allergic option.

The internal structure of these dentures is made of white zirconium instead of metal, which provides a natural appearance. In addition, its outer shell is made entirely of porcelain.

Zirconium has unique characteristics and advantages:

  • Its high transparency and white color offer a dental prosthesis that blends naturally with the teeth, guaranteeing homogeneity in shade.
  • It is a lightweight material that provides an excellent fit, providing comfort to the patient and reducing the accumulation of dental plaque compared to metal-ceramic prostheses.
  • The zirconium crown or veneer integrates perfectly with the gum, imitating the natural shape of the teeth.
  • There are no dark lines between the tooth and the veneer, even if the patient’s gums recede over time, as with traditional metal-ceramic prostheses.

In which dental treatments is this material used?

At PREVIA IMPLANT CENTER, zirconium dental prostheses are used by dentist in Tijuana  in aesthetic dental rehabilitations, including crowns on dental implants or natural teeth, as well as zirconium veneers to improve dental aesthetics.


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