Change your smile with all on 4 dental implants in Tijuana, with our specialists with over 35 years of experience.

We know about the discomfort that you may be experiencing after missing one or more teeth, a common situation due to natural factors or accidents throughout our lives.
There are dental alternatives that can help you get your confidence back safely. Get your smile back to functionality. We offer innovative procedures through a dental implant consultation, such as all on 6 dental implants and all on 4 dental implants.
Get your smile back with the quality you deserve

All on 4 Implants

At the Previa Implant Center, we restore your smile entirely with dental implants in Tijuana. Using four titanium implants and placing them on the superior/inferior maxillary provides support to the new fixed hybrid set of teeth.
A solution with no grafts, providing fixed arch dental prosthesis in same-day surgery, allowing a successful recovery, with an optimal follow-up of your treatment. We also offer you one-visit dentistry alternatives with technology like Immediate Loading Solutions (Bio Horizons), granting a perfect smile in only one day.
Phase 1
We perform the four implants surgical placement, multi-unit, and a temporary fixed transition prosthesis. Taking a 5 to 12 months waiting period, to begin the next step depending on each patient’s situation.
Phase 2
We take measures to make the hybrid set of teeth, completely fixed to the implants and made with a metal skeleton dipped in acrylic; light, aesthetic and safe.
Our quality results are thanks to our practice and PIC dental technology, major accuracy in the implant generation, giving 99% of effectiveness on impressions throughout the procedure.
We are with you every step of the way towards your new smile


An innovative alternative with first-class dental technology breakthroughs. Our specialists with over 35 years of experience provide all on 4 dental implant services, and will explain to you the procedure step-by-step, giving you the safety you deserve.

We assess and diagnose

We take different x-rays, the panoramic among them, intraoral scan. Intraoral and facial photos.

During the procedure

We place the four dental implants in strategic places of the superior and inferior jaw, assembling the prosthetic permanently.


Due to the unique properties of titanium, implants will melt with the bone over time, similar to the roots of natural teeth.


When placing the implants, we assemble the hybrid prosthetic in the superior or inferior arch above the implant pillars, resulting in a very natural look.

Get unique results for your smile.

Enjoy your life normally again with an All on 4 implant treatment. At our dental implant Clinic in Tijuana, the specialized attention, material quality, and first-class technology sets us apart. Improve your smile and enjoy the advantages we provide.


Why choose Previa Implant Center?

Feel again the comfort and the confidence of smiling with an all on 4 dental implants, a permanent solution that will improve your quality of life at a competitive cost with the USA, with the same worldwide known materials and brands.
We also have solutions like Same-day dentistry and Teeth Xpress, providing an appropriate smile in only one day. Our specialists will give you the attention you deserve every step of the way.
A full restoration of your smile with our All on 4 implant alternative, a safe option, and with the best material of the dental market. Schedule your appointment today.