With Dental Implant Consultation in Tijuana, smile again the way you used to, with the greatest naturalness and comfort you deserve.

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Teeth loss is a common problem among patients that have arrived at Previa Implant Center. Some of the reasons why they can generate this situation are:

At our dental implant clinic in Tijuana in Tijuana we have the solution to get your confidence back. Smile again with dental implant treatments or dental prosthesis, safe and minimally invasive solutions.

Know the solution

What are dental implants?

An alternative to replacing one or many teeth, its principal purpose is to give the patient the functionality back through artificial roots, being highly biocompatible and favoring the bone integration, avoiding the body to reject the implant.
Our dental implants in Tijuana are usually made of titanium and placed through a jaw surgery, right below the patient’s gum. At the Previa Implant Center, we offer the experience you require. We provide Full arch Express, all on 4 dental implants, all on 6 dental implants, and All on X solutions, allowing a perfect smile in only one day.
Starting with a dental implant consultation, we develop a digital plan and surgical guide that allows us to observe, plan and provide specific results:
  • CBCT Scan (full superior and inferior)
  • Intraoral Scanner
  • Surgery digital planning
  • Element interpretation
In case of living outside the city, it is important to mention that a 2-day trip is requested, which consists of:
  • Day 1: Digital diagnosis and Surgery
  • Day 2: Control check before sending you home

We provide a procedure minimally invasive for your best comfort

At Previa Implant Center we are careful that all of our procedures are comfortable and clear and that the patient feels safe at all times. Making your dental implants give you the best functionality with the naturality your smile is used to.

Assessment and diagnosis

Through a dental implant consultation we perform a detailed radiographic study that consists of a computerized panoramic x-ray, to observe the bone in all its dimensions, making individual shots of the area to treat.

Dental Implants

When the time for surgery arrives, we perform a small incision in the gum to access the bone, creating a channel in which we insert the implant, once placed, we close the incision with stitches.


We place the temporary aditamento on a 3-4 months healing and attachment period, giving the gum the right form. It is necessary that the patient returns for the replacement and placement of a dental crown.

Previous recommendation

It is fundamental that the patient pay visits for the maintenance and review of the functionality of their implant, prolonging the life of the treatment.

Smile again

Avoid discomfort and get your smile back. Our dental implant services provide a natural look and functionality for you to do your daily activities without a problem. We understand that it may feel complicated and shameful, but know we have the right solution for you.

Before & After

Before treatment

Panoramic X-ray

Surgical Planning


Panoramic X-ray

Final result

Elige Implantes Dentales en Previa Implant Center, donde diseñamos tu sonrisa y te brindamos seguridad, confianza y atención especializada. Más de 35 años de experiencia. Vuelve a la comodidad, llama hoy mismo.