The appropriate dental solution to your smile. Dental prosthesis in Tijuana, a unique design for you to go back to normal.

The lack of teeth is very common, they happen due to different reasons, making our patients feel embarrassed for talking, laughing or even eating, turning something normal into complicated.
Smile again with the confidence you used to have. Choose dental prosthesis at Previa Implant Center, where we explain to you every step of the way to get your smile back in a natural, healthy way.
The appropriate solution for you

Dental Prosthesis

A dental prosthesis is a removable artificial replacement adapted to each patient’s mouth. This procedure restores the loss of one or more teeth, regaining the normal functionality, and granting the quality of life that your smile deserves.
At Previa Implant Center, we design and adapt the prosthesis according to the patient’s situation. We offer a variety of materials for our dental implants in Tijuana treatments, such as plastic, acrylic, metal porcelain, assimilating the gum’s tissue and teeth.

First class advantages

At our dental implant Clinic in Tijuana, we provide with clear and safe follow-up. The dental prosthesis procedure is explained step-by-step, improving your smile and receiving amazing, lifetime results.

Our alternatives

Discover the appropriate types of prosthesis for you

At the Previa Implant Center, we provide dental implant services adapted to your dental needs. We analyze your diagnosis, without any discomfort and offering the comfort you deserve. Discover our different options with full or partial dental prosthesis.

Plaque on individual implant

Restore the anatomy of your denture. Retrieve the functionality and aesthetics of your smile. We make personalized plates with quality materials.
Replacing empty spaces

Dental bridges

This type of dental prosthesis is supported over available healthy teeth. Dental bridges are a solution for people that have lost one or more natural teeth.
Improve your quality of life

All on 4 and All on 6 Implants

We provide solutions to people that have suffered total or partial teeth loss, functioning as a fixed full arch dental prosthesis, over All on 4 or All on 6 implants.
The confidence you need

Why choose Previa implant Center?

Our specialists have over 35 years of experience and are highly prepared to take care of your smile. The planning and digital stream of implantology are priorities to provide precise procedures for your teeth to be healthy and aesthetically perfect. Contact us today to receive a dental implant consultation.
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At Previa Implant Center we provide you specialized attention according to your smile necessities. With dental prosthesis forget about being embarrassed for smiling or daily talking.