False myths about dental prosthesis in Tijuana.

A dental prosthesis is a treatment to replace natural teeth lost due to dental problems such as cavities or gum disease. Its placement is an effective solution to improve quality of life and prevent future problems.

The type of prosthesis recommended depends on the dental situation of each patient and is advised by your specialist, here at Previa Implant Center, we can help you.

Myth: Are dentures for older people only?

There is a false myth that dentures in Tijuana, whether fixed or removable, are only for the elderly and this is not true.

Dental prosthesis in Tijuana can be used by anyone who, for aesthetic or functional reasons, requires the use of it, without any inconvenience due to age.

Myth: Dental prosthesis do not last long

The duration of dental prosthesis in Tijuana is prolonged if good quality materials are used and care tips are followed, such as brushing with soft filaments, avoiding hot water for cleaning, brushing teeth after every meal, maintaining proper oral hygiene, removing removable prostheses at night and attending periodic check-ups at Previa Implant Center.

Myth: Will I be able to eat and speak well with dentures?

Adapting to dentures in Tijuana can temporarily affect the way we eat and speak. However, it is possible to overcome these challenges with practice and patience. If problems or doubts arise, it’s important to schedule your appointment with the specialists at Previa Implant Center in Tijuana to begin your denture procedure in Tijuana.

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