With All on 6 dental implants in Tijuana, we provide appropriate alternatives adapted to the necessities your smile requires.

A healthy functional smile considerably improves our patients’ quality of life. On most occasions, when you are missing teeth, a person’s self-esteem decreases, causing negative effects in daily life and around him.
Choose a safe and trusted alternative. All on 6 dental implants in Tijuana will restore your smile with a procedure adapted to your needs. Find out your ideal option with a dental implant consultation. At the Previa Implant Center, your smile is our commitment.
Know the procedure that will renew your smile


All on 6 is a first-class quality permanent procedure that allows an integral recovery of the dental arch. Renewing, then, the entire denture in both inferior and superior gums by using only six dental implants.
All on 6 dental Implants are commonly placed into patients that have suffered complete or partial loss of their teeth. Thus, using the latest-generation procedures in the dental implantology field.
This treatment is ideal for:
A safe procedure

All on 6 treatment, step-by-step

At our dental implant Clinic in Tijuana, we offer you a picture frame of the treatment in order to bring you the trust for the rehabilitation of your smile. Taking one step at a time to make big changes on your smile.



We do an initial consultation, where we perform TAC, scans, and appropriate x-rays of your jaw.

Surgical guide design

We take a model of your jaw and design the surgical guide with the appropriate bridges and sections through the bone to adhere to the implants.

Minimally invasive surgery

First, we administer local anesthesia to make the procedure completely painless and minimally invasive. Secondly, we clean the mouth and remove bacteria and damaged tissue, to then place the appropriate implants for the patient.

Fixed placement of prosthesis

Thanks to photogrammetry technology, the placement of the fixed screw-retained prosthesis is surprisingly passive in a time of 10 minutes, since the PIC system we use is precise.

Follow up

In most cases, temporary implants are placed, lasting 6 to 9 months. Preventing bruising and having less pressure on the implants during the patient’s recovery.

Discover the pros of choosing the All on 6 implant treatment

In addition to getting your smile back, enjoy your smile with the advantages the All on 6 dental Implants can offer you. Some of the main ones are:

Short-term procedures

We insert a temporary prosthetic to minimize the recovery time for the official implants.

Competitive costs

Compared to other prosthetic dentistry treatments, it usually does not require bone grafts or major surgeries.

Safe alternative

According to the analysis and previous planning, we carry out the placement of implants in a careful, precise, and safe way. Reducing surgical time and achieving a postoperative period with less pain and less inflammation.

Choose Quality

Why Previa Implant Center?

We are committed to each one of our patients by providing professional, personalized attention. Plus, having quality dental implant services, a team of experienced specialists, forefront techniques, and state-of-the-art technological equipment.
The All on 6 are designed for the replacement of the set of teeth, allowing the placement of six jaw implants. Go to the Previa Implant Center and do your diagnosis today.