Is getting a dental implant painful at Previa Implant Center?


Is getting a dental implant painful? First, the implants must be performed in two stages. The first part is surgery on its own, and the second part is the recovery stage. Then they are surgically put in by the dentist, and we must cut into the gums. This part sounds painful, but in reality, it’s not because we use a local anesthetic.

This process is very similar to getting a fillings procedure. Once the area is completely numb, then we can make an incision and expose the jawbone. There is no discomfort, as the area is completely numb. In our Dental Implant Clinic in Tijuana, we can assure our patients that our dental implants are made of titanium, which will be crucial in lasting long-term. 


When the site is more accessible, a hole can be drilled in for the implant. Although drilling can sound very painful, there are no nerves in the jaw to cause pain, so our patients won’t feel discomfort at all. The only discomfort our patient might feel is pressure, but that is entirely normal. The patient will not feel any of the drilling that is taking place. The dental implant is then screwed in.

It takes about an hour to anesthetize, make the incision, drill, and insert the implant. When we are satisfied and have taken in all of the diagnoses from the dental implant consultation and also have taken into consideration the requested type of implant of our patient, we will then close the incision. The patient feels no pain during this procedure because the local anesthesia is working. Even before the procedure, painkillers might be given to relieve pain when the anesthesia wears off. After all that process is finished, the healing process then begins.  

Is getting a dental implant painful? At Previa Implant Center, our dental implant services make our patients feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Getting a dental implant might seem painful, but here in our Dental Implant Clinic in Tijuana, we make all of our procedures clear so patients feel protected with us. Our goal is to build a safe environment and have unique technology, and give the best quality in our implants to our patients. 


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