How do dental implants work in Previa Implant Center?


Dental implants help improve your quality of life and regain that self-confidence that could have been lost due to damaged teeth. They’re surgically implanted into your jawbone, the titanium used in the implants fuses with the bone, so it won’t slip, make noise, or cause any bone damage. They act like regular teeth so the patient can eat anything they want with them, and more importantly, it isn’t visible.

How do dental implants work in Previa Implant Center? Losing teeth is normal for patients who arrive at our clinic. We have the solution to get confidence back. Smiling will be easy with dental implant treatments or dental prostheses


Our dental implants in Tijuana work as an alternative to replacing one or many teeth. The implants in Previa Implant Center give the patient the functionality back through artificial roots. They are built with a strong titanium metal and placed right below the patient’s gum through jaw surgery. Once healed, they fuse with the bone and become part of the body, and are supported by the surrounding gum tissue. We are confident that the results in dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth. In addition, these implants will last forever, and the patient won’t have to worry about them falling out because they are attached to their jawbone. 

At the clinic, our dental implants work as an easy option for patients who want to bring back their smiles and bring that comfort back to their lives. To start with the dental implant consultation, we first develop a digital plan and surgical guide that allows us to observe, schedule, and provide specific results:

  • CBCT Scan 
  • Intraoral Scanner 
  • Surgery Digital Planning 
  • Element Interpretation

We must make our patients feel comfortable and make all of our procedures clear to make them feel safe. The process at Previa Implant Center starts with a dental implant consultation, where we perform a detailed radiographic study that consists of a computerized panoramic X-ray, making observing the bone in all dimensions much more manageable.

Once the surgery arrives, a small incision in the gum will be performed to access the bone, and once placed, we close the incision with stitches. Our patients won’t regret this process because the results are excellent, and it will provide a natural look, letting them perform their daily activities without a problem.


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