Can you smoke with dental implants? Risks of smoking 


Can you smoke with dental implants? That’s easy to answer but first of all, let’s have in mind that dental implants are intended to permanently restore dental function to people missing one or more teeth, helping to improve oral health and boost confidence for oneself. They keep adjacent teeth stable, but they also provide well-being for patients. 


They are meant to be permanent, and smoking can affect the success of this medical treatment and increase the risk of dental implant failure. Patients should consider quitting smoking before undergoing surgery because there are many risks to smoking, such as:

  • Increases the risk of infection
  • Slows recovery
  • Increases risk of peri-implantitis
  • Increases risk of dental implant failure 

Can you smoke with dental implants? No, smoking is not a great idea to do once getting this procedure done. There is always a risk, and if you smoke, it could make it worse. Bacteria could be found in your mouth, and this bacteria can get into the implant site and cause infections. To achieve extraordinary results, all dental implant services should be treated with care and responsibility.    

Before having this procedure, a person who smokes should quit smoking because smokers’ blood does not receive enough oxygen during the recovery period. If the patient smokes, it will be harder for that person to recover efficiently and make everything more painful and difficult for them.

To keep your smile intact, the patient should quit smoking. Getting artificial teeth is not an easy task at first, they need to have proper maintenance, and they can’t get dirty very often. It is essential to have a good diet and a good oral care routine to maintain them healthy so they can last long-term. 

In Previa Implant Center, it is our duty to provide quality results for our patients and have unique benefits for them.  At our dental implant clinic in Tijuana, we guarantee that our implants are very effective, but the patient also has to take care of them and take care of their own health to have efficient benefits from them. Through our dental implant consultation, we make sure everything is going accordingly, and we can let the patient know the specific treatment for the implants. 


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