Can you get braces with dental implants? In which cases?


Braces are suitable for all ages, and they can transform any dental problem. But one common question is if braces are compatible with dental implants. Let’s answer it!

More and more adults choose to undergo dental implant treatments to improve their smiles.

And when this happens, one of the most frequent questions is: can you get braces with dental implants?”

Yes, you can. But first, let us explain to you how it works.

This type of procedure is called multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary treatment since it involves several specializations of dentistry in the same treatment, and must be coordinated and sequenced correctly.


In general, two main scenarios combine dental implants and braces:

  1. First scenario: implants + orthodontics

For many patients, it is prevalent to integrate both dental treatments. First of all, to recover the missing tooth or teeth and to align them and recover or improve their smiles.

Do not forget that a dental implant cannot be moved. For this reason, it would be necessary to plan the movements that orthodontics will carry out around the implants that the patient has.

Although this case requires prior planning, it also allows the combination of both procedures. In fact, for many patients, implants are a good option, as they work as an anchor system to move other teeth.

  1. Second scenario: orthodontics + implants

In this second scenario, the patient visits the orthodontist before their dental implant procedure.

In this way, we will have the advantage of placing the implants in a wholly aligned -upper and lower arch- compared to the first scenario described. This means that they will be located in the optimal position.

So what is the best solution?

The answer is to place the implants before braces in those cases where many teeth are missing and the orthodontist does not have anchor teeth to move the other teeth.


  • More than any other type of treatment, multidisciplinary dental procedures require good planning and communication between the team of professionals involved.
  • It is recommended to place all implants before starting orthodontic treatment.
  • Implants that cannot be placed before orthodontics will be set as soon as possible when the case allows it.

In your case, can you get braces with dental implants? Not sure? It’s time to call the experts.

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