All on 6 dental implants procedure: am I a good prospect?


Dental implants are a good alternative for patients who suffer from total teeth loss and are looking for a solution to recover their smile permanently.

all on 6 dental implants are ideal for rehabilitating the upper and lower jaw when severe resorption of the bone has not yet been detected.

This technique consists of 6 implants fixed to a porcelain-titanium bridge.


It can be done in patients with low levels of bone density without the need to resort to a bone graft, depending on each case.

All-on-6 dental implants procedure is painless, minimally invasive, and does not require more than one surgery.

What are teeth in a day?

The all-on-6 technique is a new “24-hour” method that does not take more than a day to perform. At Previa Implant Center, we are experts in restoring your smile in one day since we plan the surgery in the morning and place the prosthesis in the afternoon. This dental prosthesis is transitory, which means that you can recover all teeth in a single day.

Which patients are good candidates for an all-on-6 technique?

First, the dentist will do a prior examination through tests such as dental CT or conventional x-rays.

Then, he will decide if all on 4 dental implants or all-on-6 treatment is more convenient.

Placing all on 6 provides greater stability for patients with lower bone density, and their chewing is more constant and powerful. At the same time, all on 4 is recommended for patients with higher bone density.

Why do so many patients opt for this treatment?

The All-on-6 implants procedure has multiple advantages. It is a treatment carried out with conscious sedation and supervised by an anesthesiologist. Hence, it is very comfortable and practically painless.

On the other hand, it is not so challenging for the patient when performed in one day.

It is also true that part of the postoperative period depends on the patient’s hygiene habits. Remember that it is a sensitive surgery and requires meticulous care. Still, the patient will not have any problems when following the dentist’s advice.

If what you are looking for is to recover your smile with few interventions, safety, and guarantees of success, this may be the perfect treatment for you!

Previa Implant Center has outstanding professional specialists in the field of implantology.

With our experience, we have helped thousands of patients to get their beautiful smiles back in a single day.

If you plan to recover your teeth, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to advise you regarding any of our dental implant services with professionalism and customer service.

Your smile in the best hands!


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