Zygomatic Implants Success Rate: A Good Long-term Solution?


As mentioned in other articles, zygomatic implants are a secure alternative for extreme bone loss in patients aiming to recover their smiles. They are excellent for providing various support points for a fixed set of teeth, and zygomatic implants complications are rare. But more importantly, zygomatic implants have become the most advanced solution for patients with insufficient bone to place regular dental implants.

After an accurate diagnosis, the surgical procedure and placement of fixed teeth are done on the same day. Therefore, this treatment option allows quick recovery of the function and aesthetics of the patient’s teeth. But is it really a long-term solution?

Over the years, the scientific community has reported that zygomatic implants’ success rate has increased tremendously. For example, several studies have reported a rate of 96% after 12 years.

The dental prosthesis someone receives occupies a natural space in the mouth. Its dimensions are very similar to those of the original teeth, which helps improve aesthetics, maintenance, and hygiene.


After the patient leaves the dental office with their new implants, the treatment plan will include a minimum of two annual follow-up appointments.

At each visit, the professionals will check the gum tissue and clean the fixed prosthesis, as well as make sure the patient is satisfied with the results.

These annual follow-up sessions guarantee the prevention of problems on time and, if needed, the early treatment of complications.

What Happens if a Process Fails?

Treatment with zygomatic implants involves placing one or up to four implants in the cheekbone to support fixed teeth. And, as with any surgical procedure, there is always the risk of complications.

The most common are usually sinusitis and soft tissue recession. Therefore, professionals dedicated to executing this dental technique should aim to prevent complications in the first place instead of treating them in the future.

Patients who lost their teeth and are currently suffering from severe bone loss have only one chance to recover fixed teeth. This is why trusting a highly specialized center for dental implant services is crucial to ensure zygomatic implants’ success rate.

A thorough diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan, and an experienced team of experts are necessary for long-term thriving treatment. At Previa Implant Center, we specialize in dentistry, and we can offer you the right solution for your specific situation. 

Our approach is to make all our procedures comfortable and clear so the patient can feel safe at all times. Thousands of satisfied patients from Mexico, the United States, and other countries confirm our more than 35 years of experience.

Our main goal will always be to help you get the best possible quality of life with adequate, functional dental implant solutions made with the highest technology and quality materials to reduce complications to a minimum and extend the life of your new denture.

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