Where can I get dental implants in Tijuana?


Thinking about getting a dental implant? Find the best clinics in Tijuana, México! The same quality that in the USA but at a lower cost.

Dental implants are metallic elements placed surgically in the maxillary bones, under the gums. Once in position, your dentist can place crowns or bridges over them to replace missing teeth.

How do dental implants work?


The implant fuses with the jaw bone, giving durable support for the artificial teeth. As a result, dentures and bridges do not slip or shift in the mouth, which is a significant advantage for chewing and speaking.

This adaptation helps dentures and bridges (and individual crowns placed on implants) feel more natural than conventional ones.

For some people, an ordinary removable dental prosthesis or bridge is uncomfortable because they irritate, has too narrow edges, or causes nausea.

Also, traditional bridges must be attached to teeth on both sides of the gap. An advantage of implants is that adjacent teeth do not need to be worn down to keep the replacement teeth.

Having healthy gums and adequate bone is important to support the implants. The patient must also assume the commitment to upholding these structures healthy. Careful oral hygiene and dental visits are critical for the long-term success of dental implants.

If you are wondering: “where can I get dental implants in Tijuana?” Let us talk to you about our clinic, Previa Implant Center.

Over 35 years of experience, we have provided digital planning and a surgical guide for each dental implant procedure.

Additionally, we offer state-of-the-art technology and innovation for each dental treatment, assuring the success of each implant-supported restoration. We use biocompatible materials and provide minimally invasive results for the comfort of our patients.

Why choose Previa Implant Center?

We know that deciding where to improve your smile is not an easy decision. But at Previa Implant Center, we are experts in providing advanced, world-class implantology procedures.

Granting the best dental implant services and aesthetic results, we restore your smile entirely so you can:

Improve your quality of life
Save money with competitive costs compared to the USA (up to 70% more affordable)
Have a safe, resistant, and pain-free option
Keep the functions of the bone preventing bone loss and giving a natural sensation
Enjoy same-day dentistry
Results in only two days

Our mission is to make your stay at the Previa Implant Center the most relaxing possible so you can leave the clinic with a big smile.

Our amenities for you are:
Free transportation from the border crossing to our clinic and back. (10 minutes)
Privilege location in the golden area of Tijuana
Gastronomic area in the surroundings
9-level parking space
Security and controlled access
First-floor location

Now, you can answer the question: “where can I get dental implants in Tijuana?” Contact us to schedule a dental implant consultation and get a diagnosis.

Your smile is in the best hands.


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