What is dental implant restoration and where can it be done?


What is dental implant restoration? Dental implant restoration is when lost teeth are restored with implants. A person who suffers from tooth loss due to an accident or disease can benefit from dental implants. These devices are placed into the jawbone and used to replace the roots of lost teeth. They are made up of two components: the implant used as an artificial root and a restoration that replaces the missing tooth.


They are made of titanium or other metals and can last up to twenty years. Patients can choose from different types of dental implants depending on what kind of support they need. In addition to providing a more natural-looking smile, dental implants also help protect the bone around the mouth. This prevents future problems such as periodontitis, advanced stage cavities, inappropriate medicines or treatments, and dental agenesis.

Previa Implant Center can help improve your quality of life. Our dental implant clinic in Tijuana can bring back the confidence one is looking for. Dental implant restoration can be done, or even have a dental prosthesis. To get any of these processes done, first, we have to start with a dental implant consultation to develop a digital plan and a surgical guide to help us observe, plan, and provide specific results.

What is dental implant restoration? At Previa Implant Center, we are experts in this topic. We have qualified experts to do this kind of treatment, and we adapt each procedure to the dental necessities of the patient to get the perfect smile for each person that comes to us.

Having dental implant restoration will bring your smile back, which will provide a natural look and functionality for our patients to do daily activities without a problem. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to bring back their smile to avoid any discomfort. Having dental implant restoration has many benefits, such as:

  • High durability: Titanium rods are placed inside the jawbone
  • Preservation of jawbone tissues: They stimulate the bone and prevent resorption
  • Better stability: They are highly stable, and they will not move during use
  • Preservation of healthy teeth: The healthy near the gap is left untouched 
  • Restore confidence: Improves social interactions

Contact our dental implant clinic to receive more information and book an appointment. Our dental specialists will examine your case and determine the best plan of action for you to smile again.


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