What Are the Best Dental Implants? 4 Top Characteristics


Dental implantology is the best way to replace missing teeth and recover your smile. This technique has evolved tremendously in recent years, and there is a wide variety of possibilities today.

So, what are the best dental implants? What do patients need to consider when choosing a clinic? Here are four characteristics you should consider when requesting a dental implant consultation.

1. Type of Surgery

Look for dental implant services that offer computer-guided surgery. With this technique, the implants are placed using a 3D guide without requiring bone grafts, allowing for a less invasive surgery. The main benefit? Inflammation and discomfort are minimal.

2. Digital Planning

Ask for a computer simulation of your surgery. Technology is so advanced that the doctor can easily perform and show you a digital simulation of your treatment on a computer screen before undergoing implant surgery.

By doing this, the specialist can anticipate treatment difficulties and decide on the most appropriate implant sizes and the proper strategy during surgery before the actual procedure even begins. This way, you’ll feel more confident during the whole process.

3. Medical equipment


Two elements are essentials:

  1. The clinic’s experience according to the years and successfully performed treatments.
  2. The implantologist and the prosthodontist are the same doctors.

In many clinics, a doctor places the implants in the first procedure. Then, after the osseointegration period (3 to 4 months), another doctor is in charge of setting the implants or final denture.

Working with the same doctor is an essential quality criterion due to the interaction between the implant and the final tooth from the beginning to the end. This doctor will design all the steps considering the entire process. On the contrary, when two doctors with different specialties work on the same patient, the probability of a less functional and aesthetic result is very high.

4. Guarantee

Always request a quality certificate and confirm if the clinic offers a good implant guarantee. It is also very important that they give you a card with the brand ID, dimensions, and serial number of the implants that have been placed.

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