Top 3 Factors Involved in Smile Design for Dental Implants

  • As we have explained in other articles, dental implantology has three objectives:
  • Restore the ability to chew.
  • Regain the ability to speak.
  • And, of course, recover that beautiful and bright smile that our patients used to have.

But what are the factors involved in smile design for dental implants? It is necessary to follow a series of protocols that guarantee the appearance and function of a patient’s dental implants.

Designing a Beautiful Smile


Before placing the implants, the dentist must request a series of X-rays to establish the starting point of the treatment.

In addition, these studies will also guide the creation of new dental pieces. Doing it this way guarantees that the result will be completely personalized, and the patient will see and feel their new teeth as their own.


A shade guide is used to determine the color of a dental implant. With it, the dentist can decide the ideal tone or tones because natural teeth usually have a gradation. The idea is to determine the color in the gingival area of the tooth (the closest to the gum) to reach that perfect color that will make them look as natural as possible.


To determine the ideal size, the dentist must consider the vertical dimension of the face and, in general, the person’s features. The odontologist measures the distance between a fixed point, usually located at the nasal or subnasal level, and a mobile end, such as the chin.


To establish the shape of the teeth, the dentist must examine the shape of the face. For example, patients with elongated faces will require long teeth. On the other hand, patients with a rounded faces will require more rounded tooth shapes. In addition to the former, age and sex are factors involved in smile design for dental implants.

Many clinics will offer you dental implant treatments without thorough assessment, so make sure to look for dentists that offer Smile Design and several options that adapt to your specific dental needs. The most important thing is finding a professional who can carry out a professional service and get the results you are looking for.

At Previa Implant Center, we are proud to say that each patient who has set foot in our clinic has changed their life before and after dental implants.

We have over 35 years of experience offering dental implant services specially designed for every person, providing a safe process, quality, and optimum follow-up. Thousands of happy clients prove that.

Call us and schedule a dental implant consultation to define the best procedure to design your perfect smile today!


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