My dental implant fell out: what should I do now? Help!


It’s not common, but dental implants may become loose. What if the dental implant fell out? This is what you should do!

One of the most frequent questions patients often ask themselves is whether dental implants can be rejected. The answer is no.

Rejection as a medical concept occurs when the body does not recognize it as its own, considering it a strange element. But talking about implants, there is no such rejection unless the patient is allergic to the material they are made of.


What can happen is a case of implant failure, which can be due to two reasons: infection and overload.

After the implant is placed, there are a series of recommendations the patient must follow to avoid micro-bacterial contamination. To prevent infection, the specialist prescribes an antibiotic. If not treated, it may result in inflammation of the gums, leading to bone loss in the jaw.

It is advised for the patient to go to check-ups during the first few months after the procedure to control the process and ensure that the implant is well integrated.

On the other hand, overload happens when the implant does not have enough time to heal correctly. If the implant moves before it has time to heal, it will not weld to the bone properly. It is essential to allow the implant a healing time.

My Dental implant fell out. What now?

When patients say their dental implant fell out, we need to determine what happened. In some cases, the upper attachment or abutment screw falls off, not the actual implant.

It is a rare possibility for the dental implant to fall out. However, if the implant does falls out, the patient needs to be examined and given other suitable options.

Where does the failure of an implant begin?

The first thing to consider is the diagnosis. Desperation often makes people go to the nearest easy-fix available. However, doing so can be risky because a misdiagnosis can increase the chance of suffering complications.

For a good diagnosis, it is essential to perform a 3D model or X-ray to determine which pieces should be removed and identify any damaged teeth.

Dental implants are one of the most significant advances in dentistry. Still, if not properly maintained, they can cause problems. Thus, it is always best to visit a proper dental center with qualified personnel who will accompany you in every step of the process.

So, when asking yourself: “my dental implant fell out, what know?”, get the correct answer from the experts.

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