How much does Smile in a Day cost? Dental Implant Solutions


Are you tired of not being able to smile comfortably? Then, it is time to restore your confidence and self-esteem with an excellent and quick solution: Smile in a Day! But how much does Smile in a Day cost? Let’s talk about it here.

How do they work?

This dental implant solution is a minimally-invasive one-day procedure in which four titanium dental implants are placed in your bone instead of a typical dental prosthesis. As a result, you will get permanently fixed arches and restored teeth and be ready to see the results immediately.


This way, your oral health will improve since your new implants stimulate your jaw. Besides, since the dentist fixes them permanently, you won’t have to worry about teeth slipping like dentures occasionally do.

What happens after the surgery?

Once the implants are in place, laboratory technicians prepare your custom-designed teeth so that you leave the dental clinic with a new full smile. After that, you will not need to remove them like dentures.

The best part? Since your new teeth are as good as your natural teeth, you will be able to smile, eat, and laugh without the hassle of removing them before bed.

What’s next?

The hole healing period may take approximately six months. And how much does Smile in a Day cost? Well, it depends on the materials and the number of teeth you need to replace. However, it is well-known that a dental procedure like this is affordable abroad, for example, in cities like Tijuana, Mexico.

For a more precise cost, scheduling an appointment at a specialized clinic such as Previa Implant Center for a dental implant consultation is recommended. Some places are willing to consider your dental insurance and have comfortable payment options for your Smile in a Day procedure.

The dentists at Previa Implant Center are experts in all on 4 dental implants. They are ready to help you smile again! If you are interested in this procedure, please contact us. We will discuss your dental history and make a diagnosis to find the best treatment option for you.

Trust our reliable solutions, and let us offer you advanced world-class procedures in the implantology branch, granting you the best surgical and aesthetic results possible. Let’s improve your quality of life together!


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