Dental implant repair: what to do if your implant breaks?


Most people never experience any problem with their dental implants. However, it’s essential to know what to do if they break.

Today, we will explain the steps you should take if you detect any situation and if dental implant repair is necessary.

What causes broken implants?


Dental implants can break if you apply too much pressure to them before they have fully osseointegrated to your jawbone.

If your implant doesn’t feel entirely right, the problem may also be due to a broken screw in the abutment.

It would help if you also replaced the dental crown visible above your gum line approximately every 10 to 15 years or longer. If you eat tough foods, chew on ice, or use your teeth to open packages, your crown may not last that long.

How are implants restored?

If the implant is completely broken, the only option is to extract it and replace it with a new implant. Some patients need bone grafts before they can receive a new dental implant.

Bone grafts support and deepen your jawbone, ensuring that it will be strong enough to support the implant. If you require a bone graft, you’ll have to wait a few months until the dentist can place your implant in your mouth.

If an abutment or screw breaks, the doctor will only need to replace those parts, not the implant itself. When a crown cracks or breaks, they usually take an impression of the patient’s mouth and then create crowns that fit the hole in the mouth and look perfectly realistic.

How can I avoid broken implants?

If you received a smile-in-a-day implant, it’s crucial not to put too much pressure on the teeth initially.

Also, you should always follow the recommendations from your dentist after your procedure. Rubbing your teeth can stress your implants and your crown. Luckily, you can solve the problem quickly by wearing a night guard while you sleep.

Dental implants can last the rest of your life with proper care. If you experience a problem with your implant or need implant restoration, call our Previa Implant Center in Tijuana, México.

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Remember, dental implants are a secure and comfortable choice that brings back the functionality of your teeth. Uncover your smile’s transformation and feel normal again with dental implants in Tijuana.


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