Dental implant procedure, how long does it take?


A dental implant is an artificial root that replaces the hearts of our teeth.

The patient’s bone should osseointegrate with the dental implant within 8 to 16 weeks. After this time, a new and personalized tooth will be made for each patient anchored on the implant.

Types of dental implants

Titanium implants are the ones that have been used for more than 40 years and represent more than 95% of the world market. On the other hand, ceramic implants represent less than 5% of the market, and their use is much more recent.


Dental implant procedure, how long does it take? Well, with good planning and an experienced dentist, the implant placement procedure should take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the characteristics of the case.

The process

A clinical evaluation of the patient and an X-ray are needed to assess the amount of bone available.

Once the examination is completed, the surgical process begins by anesthetizing the area with local anesthesia, which dentists generally use to perform a simple “filling.”

Then, the surgeon performs a small incision in the gum and sets the implant in the bone with a healing plug over it.

He also puts a stitch that will remain for 8 to 16 weeks. After that time, he will be able to place the tooth on the implant.

Immediate dental implants

Whenever possible, the dentist will always try to reduce the patient’s visits to his office.

He will try to carry out the extraction and placement of the dental implant in 1 day. Otherwise, it would be necessary to wait between 12 and 24 weeks after the extraction of the tooth to place the implant.

In the case of placing an immediate dental implant, the process consists of extracting the damaged tooth and positioning the implant in the exact location of the extracted tooth.

In this way, the patient solves the problem in a single dental implant consultation.

See? Now you know the answer to the question: dental implant procedure, how long does it take?

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