Dental implant 3d model: a perfect smile in a day


3D imaging dentistry is becoming super popular, and several dentists worldwide are using them to make dental implants easier. Learn more about them!

Technology improves many areas of our daily lives; oral health is one.

Whereas people had to settle for a harmful dental prosthesis to replace their missing teeth, nowadays, a dental implant 3d model is a great alternative to have a beautiful smile and functional teeth with fewer complications.

Why has it become so popular?


Dental implant surgery has become easier with the help of 3D dental imaging. This new technology makes the process accurate and reduces the time you have to spend at the dentist’s office.

How does it work?

Traditionally, dentists used X-rays to get a picture of the teeth and jaw before the procedure. But the modern 3D imaging technique is a less invasive and a more precise way of getting a panorama of the underlying structures of your teeth.

All you have to do is sit comfortably for a few minutes during the imaging session at your DENTAL IMPLANTS dental implant consultation. The dentist will probably use a cone beam instrument to rotate around your head and take several photos of particular areas. The imaging technologies help dentists understand your mouth’s specific anatomy.

The advantages of a 3D implant model

There are plenty of benefits of 3D imaging dentistry for dental implants. Let’s talk about them:

  • A dental implant 3d model helps get an accurate diagnosis and understanding of the tooth form of the patient. Furthermore, it also enhances the restorative process. Even during the recovery process, 3D Imaging dentistry helps identify the key places where there could be a problem in the future.
  • 3D imaging technology allows the dentist virtually plan the procedure before actually starting the process. It identifies and predicts the zones where complications could occur and chart a proper plan. It also prepares the specialist for situations they would not have been prepared for otherwise.
  • Before 3D imaging dentistry, there was no way to know exactly how the implants would be placed. Thus, it was necessary to make large incisions to examine the tooth structure before placing the dental implants. But 3D imaging allows the professional to take a close and proper look at your mouth without incisions.
  • Since 3D imaging dentistry increases the accuracy of the dental implant procedure, the entire process is done with very little blood loss.
  • Using 3D imaging dentistry for your dental implants reduces the recovery time. You will feel very moderate pain after the procedure that will barely last two days. Plus, since there is very little damage done during your dental implants, it is a straightforward and comfortable healing process.
  • 3D imaging gives an excellent insight into the quality of the bone in your mouth. Since there is a good understanding of the bone, blood vessels, and nerves, it helps in the precise placement of the implant, increasing the chances of success.

Is a dental implant 3d model a good option for you? Ask the experts! Previa Implant Center has over 35 of experience providing dental implant services, digital planning, and a surgical guide that allows us to observe, plan and deliver specific results for each patient.

Our passion is to take care of your smile, which is why we have optimal dental procedures for you! So call us today and schedule an appointment.

Today is the day to get your new perfect smile!


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