Clinical Diagnosis and Orthodontic Treatment Planning: What It Is and How It Is Done

Having a clinical diagnosis is a fundamental step in the process of a consultation with a dentist. For dentists, including dentists in Tijuana, performing a clinical diagnosis for each patient is essential. This allows them to understand the patient’s medical history and subsequently carry out the most appropriate and precise orthodontic treatment.

In this article, we will explain the main steps involved and what each one entails.

  1. Clinical Evaluation

To conduct a clinical evaluation, there are three essential steps:

  1. Medical and Dental History: This involves gathering information about the patient’s overall health, medical and dental history, and any current oral health issues.
  2. Extraoral Examination: This is the evaluation of facial features, including facial symmetry, lip relationship, and facial proportion. It involves observing the patient’s profile and skeletal relationship.
  3. Intraoral Examination:
    • Dental Evaluation: Identification of dental alignment, presence of crowding, diastemas (gaps between teeth), and any dental anomalies.
    • Occlusal Relationship: Analysis of the patient’s bite, including molar and canine relationships, overbite, overjet, and any crossbite issues.
    • Periodontal Evaluation: Condition of the gums and supporting tissues.

2. Diagnostic Data Collection

The second step is Diagnostic Data Collection. In this part of the process, information about the patient’s oral health is gathered through various dental analyses or techniques. These dental services in Tijuana are of the highest quality, ensuring you receive the best dental studies in Mexico.

Some examples include:

  • Radiographs:
    • Panoramic X-ray: Provides an overview of all the teeth, jawbones, and surrounding structures.
    • Lateral Cephalometry: Used to evaluate skeletal and dental relationships in the sagittal plane and to measure critical angles and distances in orthodontic diagnosis.
    • Periapical and Bitewing X-rays: Evaluate caries, periodontal health, and specific details of teeth and bones.
  • Study Models:
    • Dental Impressions: Creation of plaster models of the patient’s dental arches for a detailed analysis of the bite and dental alignment.
    • Intraoral Scanning: A modern alternative to obtain precise digital models of the teeth and oral structures.
  • Clinical Photographs:
    • Intraoral Photographs: Detailed images of the bite and dental alignment.
    • Extraoral Photographs: Images of the patient’s profile and face to assess facial aesthetics.

3. Treatment Planning

Finally, we will discuss an equally essential step, which is Treatment Planning. At this stage, as a dentist, you should have a clear understanding of what your patient needs and what is the best treatment for them. If you are reading this as a patient, you should have identified the best dentist in Tijuana who fits your needs and with whom you feel most secure regarding both diagnosis and procedure.

Some fundamental steps in personalized dental treatment planning include:

  • Treatment Objectives:
    • Aesthetic: Improving facial appearance and dental alignment.
    • Functional: Correcting the bite for better masticatory function and periodontal health.
    • Structural: Achieving a balanced skeletal relationship.
  • Treatment Choice:
    • Fixed Appliances: Metal or aesthetic brackets.
    • Removable Appliances: Clear aligners (like Invisalign).
    • Functional Devices: Appliances to modify skeletal growth in young patients.
    • Dental Implants: An artificial root, usually made of titanium, shaped cylindrically to ensure proper fixation to the jawbone.
  • Treatment Sequence:
    • Treatment Phases: Generally divided into alignment, bite correction, and retention phases.
    • Estimated Time: Approximate duration of the treatment based on case complexity.

As you can see, it is an extensive process. However, if your dentist is a highly trained specialist, you can be sure that they will carry out the entire process effectively. We understand the importance of your oral health, which is why at Previa Implant Center, we ensure the best dental protocols. 

We are a medical institution in Mexico, where you can find the best dentists in Tijuana, as well as the best dental services in Tijuana, ranging from dental implants and veneers to many other treatments. 

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