Are teeth implants safe? Check the pros and cons


Dental implants are a trendy alternative to replace missing teeth. But is it safe? Read this article to find it out!

The implant is usually made of titanium and embedded in the jawbone during a surgical procedure.


Its function is to act as the “root” or anchor for your new replacement tooth. The advantage of an implant over a removable dental prosthesis or denture is that it gives you a solid new tooth that doesn’t shift or move while you eat or talk.

There are also cosmetic considerations:

  • When teeth are missing, you start to look older
  • The shape of your face may change
  • You may not smile because you don’t want to show the gaps in your mouth

This situation affects your confidence and self-esteem, and physical health.

Getting a dental implant can be scary, especially if you are not entirely aware of its risks and benefits. You are probably asking yourself: “are teeth implants safe?”. After reading this article, we hope to relieve any fear you may have about this procedure.

Dental implants: is it safe?

Dentists have been performing dental implants for a long time, and technology has advanced tremendously in the last 20 years. Implants are sophisticated pieces placed by highly trained professionals in your jaw. Nowadays, it is the strongest and safest way to replace missing teeth.

What are the benefits?

The most evident benefit of dental implants is that they replace missing, damaged, or infected teeth. This means that patients can eat and speak with confidence and comfort again, allowing them to live healthier lives.

Implants are durable and last a lifetime, with minimal adjustments, if any. Because they are rooted in the bone with a screw, they also prevent bone loss and remain intact if maintained well.

Are there any risks?

Like any surgery, minor complications can arise. Although rare, problems with an implant are usually minor and can be corrected.

Of course, the more experienced the surgeon, the less likely these complications will occur.

Are titanium dental implants safe?

Titanium dental implants have been used for decades. They have an oxide layer that helps fight corrosion and are very durable.

In addition, they are strong and can withstand high bite pressure. It is one of the main reasons why titanium is the standard in implants.

If you are thinking of replacing a lost tooth with an implant and still have questions like: “are teeth implants safe?”, schedule a dental implant consultation at Previa Implant Center to receive more information from our advisers.

We offer professional dental implant services made for you, providing a safe process, quality, and optimum follow-up.

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