Are dental implants strong enough as natural teeth?


Many patients looking for a solution to replace their missing tooth ask themselves: are dental implants strong?

Dental implants are the most durable dental prosthetics compared to bridges, crowns, and dentures.

In fact, under certain circumstances, they can last a lifetime; the first patient in history to have dental implants passed with them in place.


Although the success rate is high, it is essential to remember that it is challenging to give a guarantee beyond 25 years, like any other surgical procedure.

First, for the implant to have the maximum guarantee, it must be supported by healthy and strong bone tissue. Only then can the implant last beyond its useful life.

Dental implant success also depends on the result of the osseointegration process by which the implant and the maxilla are united.

It is possible that in the examinations before surgery, your trusted dentist thinks that your maxilla is too worn to support a dental implant. In that case, you have two options: either you renounce the treatment and choose one of its alternatives or undergo a bone transplant.

This procedure is simple and will allow you to receive an implant. However, the life expectancy of the implant will not be the same as if it had been placed on a healthy and strong maxilla.

A dental implant made on too little dense bone can fail, which involves more surgery and more money. Dental implant rehabilitation is not easy.

Implant duration

The result of osseointegration is not the only factor contributing to implants’ longevity.

After the intervention, your doctor should check dental implants and determine when they are fully integrated into your jaw. You must be extremely careful with your hygiene and follow all recommendations during this time.

After this process, you must take special care with your new tooth. Remember that the dental implant can get sick like any other tooth. Avoiding gum disease must be an absolute priority since it can compromise the implant’s stability.

So, going back to the initial question: are dental implants strong? The answer is YES!

They work exactly like your natural teeth and will last several years if you take care of them properly.

Now, the second question is: are you a good candidate?

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