Are dental implants strong in Previa Implant Center?


Are dental implants strong? They are made up of titanium metal. It’s used in dentistry because it helps prevent decay and infections. They’re perfect for replacing lost teeth; they blend into your mouth and are easy to clean. Jaw surgery is necessary to place the implants below the patient’s gums. Nowadays, this is the closest thing to natural teeth. Since they are strong, it allows the patient to bite and chew on hard foods.


Our Dental Implant Clinic in Tijuana offers a quality solution that has unique benefits for our patients. Our services include dental implants, all on four implants, all on six implants, and dental prostheses. It is essential to have a healthy smile these days, and at Previa Implant Center, they adapt to patients’ necessities with quality equipment.

Dental implants in Tijuana are adapted to the requested type of implant to be comfortable, have the correct functionality, be aesthetic, and be cost-competitive. In addition, the implants are made with the latest technology, which means they will be durable and will be highly biocompatible and favoring bone integration.

The implants are securely made of titanium; this answers many people’s questions: “are dental implants strong?” They will provide the patient with security and tranquility in using artificial teeth. It adapts perfectly to one’s mouth, and due to their substantial build-up, they can last up to a decade or even 15 years. In addition, the patient won’t have to worry about only biting or chewing soft foods because the implants will feel just like their own teeth and will be able to bite and chew every food. Previa Implant Center offers dental implant services made for everyone, including a safe process, quality implants, and excellent results.

At Previa Implant Center, our mission is to give extraordinary service and experiences of incomparable quality. We know that we will get better and more results by building with the best. We will help gain that confidence back in your smile and focus on giving our patients the best products.


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