Are Dental Implants Considered Cosmetics? Take a Closer Look


If there is a dental process that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, it is dental implants. They promise to solve the missing teeth problem by restoring smiles and helping patients regain healthy and beautiful mouths.

However, this list of benefits has caused some confusion: are dental implants considered cosmetics? We must understand the differences between traditional and cosmetic dentistry to solve this doubt.

Differences between dentistry and cosmetic dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry today is seen as very different from ordinary dentistry. Traditional dental procedures help people improve their habits and oral health.

In traditional dentistry, dentists make sure there are no dental cavities or periodontal diseases. They can also extract wisdom teeth and provide root canal treatment. The purpose of all these processes is to achieve good dental health.

However, cosmetic dentistry is different from traditional dentistry because its mission is another. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of the teeth and what other people see.

In a certain way, this specialization is more about physical appearance. Therefore, these procedures do not involve dental cleanings or extractions but may involve a teeth whitening process or even the replacement of teeth with dental implants.

The question is: are dental implants considered cosmetic? Actually, both. Dental implants cover missing teeth spaces and solve speech and chewing problems. At the same time, they fix an aesthetic issue as patients leave the office with healthy, aesthetic, and complete smiles. In addition, they are a definitive and long-term solution, so visits to the dentist are less frequent and painful.

However, there is a subtle but significant difference that people should consider when looking for a dental implant clinic to restore their smiles. Traditional dentistry prioritizes the health and function of your mouth. In contrast, aesthetic dentistry primarily aims to enhance your smile’s appearance.

In this sense, you cannot request a dental implant procedure only to replace a piece that does not look good or is crooked. A good dentist will never recommend removing your natural teeth for substitutes to make them look better.

How to know what is best for you?

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